Slint Breadcrumb Trail; Don, Aman For Dinner... Pere Ubu Chinese Radiation; Laughing Supreme Dicks Donkey's Burial In A Tower On A Mirage; ; Columnated Ruins/Seeing Distant Chimneys; Siberian Penal Colony (Ode To Joel Stanley) Glenn Branca Lesson n. 2 Charles Mingus Pithecanthropus Erectus Roy Montgomery Kafka Was Correct Sun Ra Atlantis Dadamah Too Hot Too Dry; High Tension House; High Time Robert Wyatt Las Vegas Tango Eric Dolphy Dirty Three Authentic Celestial Music; Deep Waters John Fahey The Voice Of The Turtle; America San Agustin Zurich Eric Dolphy Velvet Underground All Tomorrow's Parties; Heroin Roy Montgomery Nor Wester Head-on and The Last Kakapo Dreams of Flying; Escape Velocity Rodan The Everyday World Of Bodies For Carnation Winter Lair Shellac My Black Ass, Il Porno Star Slint Carol; Kent Charles Mingus Solo Dancer Van Der Graaf Generator Plague Of The Lighthouse Keeper Red House Painters 24; Medicine Bottle Pere Ubu Dub Housing Low Cut; Lullaby Feelies Crazy Rhythms Dead C Driver UFO; Love Glenn Branca Lesson n. 1 Soft Machine Moon In June Pink Floyd Astronomy Domine; Interstellar Overdrive Today Is The Day Willpower Brise-Glace Neither Yield Not Reap; One Syntactical Unit Jimmy Giuffre The Five Ways AMM Later During A Flaming Riviera Sunset Pink Floyd Careful With Axe, Eugene Brian Eno Taking Tiger Mountain By Strategy Unrest Champion Nines; Hydrofoil n. 1 Frank Zappa The Return Of The Son Of The Monster Magne; Help I'M A Rock My Bloody Valentine Lose My Breath Wire I Should Have Known Better; A Mutual Friend Codeine Pea; D; Cave In; Gravel Bed John Fahey Fare Forward Voyagers Massimo Volume Inverno '85 Wire Practice Makes Perfect Red House Painters 24; Medicine Bottle King Crimson Lark's Tongues In Aspic II Roy Montgomery E.N.D. King Crimson 21th Century Schizoid Man Sandy Bull Blend Henry Cow Deluge Roy Montgomery Departing To Body Built To Spill I Would Hurt A Fly; Randy Described Eternity Tom Waits Underground Roy Montgomery For A Small Blue Orb
Wire A Touching Display Unwound Go To Dallas And Take A Left For Carnation On The Swing; Salo My Bloody Valentine Only Shallow Stooges 1969 Mark Hollis A Life (1895-1915); The Gift Pelt A Raga Called John pt. II Rollerskate Skinny Ages Public Image Ltd Albatross David Bowie Art Decade Nick Cave Avalanche; Cabin Fever!; Saint Huck; A Box For Black Paul; From Her To Eternity Dead C Baseheart; Hope Hint Beautiful Old Betty; Mr. Investigator A Minor Forest Bill's Mom Likes To Fuck Abilene Blackleg Dazzling Killmen Bone Fragments Seam Bunch Pere Ubu Caligari's Mirror; On The Surface Peter Jefferies Chain Of Reaction; Cold View; The Other Side Of Reason Faith No More Chinese Arithmetic Charalambides Cosmic Strings Captain Beefheart Dachau Blues; Dalì's Car Aerial M Dazed And Awake; Asss Unwound Descension Dissolve Dissong; Encounter Tortoise Djed My Bloody Valentine Don't Ask Why dis- Doomed Low Down; Drag; Fear Roy Montgomery Downtown To Vesuvio; Along The Main Divide Jon Hassell Dream Theory Tim Buckley Driftin Sandy Bull Electric Blend Roy Montgomery Entertaining Mr. Jones; In Our Own Time Gruppo Di Improvvisazione Nuova Consonanza Eroina Colin Newman Fish 4 The Clean Fish Alistair Galbraith For Free; Doublet Suicide Frankie Teardrop; Ghost Rider Mercury Rev Frittering; Chasing A Bee; Blue And Black The Kind Of Punishment From The Diary Of Hermann Doubt; The Horrible Tango AA.VV. Lionel Supreme Dicks Garden Of Your Past; Jack O Lantern; River Song; Strange Song Rodan Gauge; Jungle Jim; Tooth-Fairy Retribution Manifesto; Bible Silver Corner Tristeza Golden Hill; When We Glow Red House Painters Grace Cathedral Park; Katy Song; Funhouse; Dragonflies; Mother Red Hot Chili Peppers Grand Pappy Du Plenty Neu! Hallogallo Eric Dolphy Hat And Beard Dead C Helen Sais This; Bury (Refutatio Omnium Haeresium) The Hosemobile Her Hand Brian Eno Here Come The Warm Jets Unwound Hexenzesene; Abstractions; Arboretum June Of 44 I Get My Kicks For You; Mooch Talking Heads I Zimbra; Life During Wartime; Memories Can't Wait Mineral If I Could; Slower Massimo Volume Il Primo Dio; Fuoco Fatuo; La Notte dell'11 ottobre Brian Eno In Dark Trees; The Big Ship; Another Green World; Sombre Reptiles Gorge Trio In The Midst Of A Thrill; New Legs Residents Infant Tango Frank Zappa Invocation And Ritual Dance Of The Young Pumpkin Colossamite Is To Isn't; Bewil Der Beast Caetano Veloso It's A Long Way; Nine Out Of Ten Tim Buckley Jungle Fire; Come Here Woman Unwound Kantina; Star Spangled Hell Frank Zappa King Kong; Nine Types Of Industrial Pollution; Project X Kraftwerk Kling Klang Ash Ra Tempel Light Look At Your Sun Doors Light My Fire Pin Group Long Night Feelies Loveless Love; Original Love Hurl Madison Earful American Analog Set Magnificent Seventies; Two Way Diamond John Fahey Mark 1 15 Wire Marooned; Heartbeat; Used To Television Marquee Moon; See No Evil Pere Ubu My Dark Ages; Heaven Today Is The Day My First Knife Talk Talk Myrrhman; Ascension Day Gate Needed All Words Residents Never Known Questions; The Making Of A Soul Depeche Mode Never Let Me Down Again June Of 44 Of Information And Belief Dead C Outside American Music Club Pale Skinny Girl; Jenny Can Paperhouse; Aumgn Ornette Coleman Peace The Clean Point That Thing Somewhere Else Talking Heads Psycho Killer Roxy Music Re-Make Re-Model; Ladytron John Coltrane Resolution; Pursuance; Psalm Sonic Youth Schizophrenia Robert Wyatt Sea Song Joy Division Shadowplay; Day Of The Lords; She's Lost Control Marc Ribot Shortly After Take Off Supreme Dicks Showered; Porridge For The Calydonian Boar; Green Wings Fly Adventure (Showered Reprise) Yo La Tengo Sleeping Pill My Bloody Valentine Slow; You Made Me Realise My Bloody Valentine Soft as Snow (but Warm Inside) Yo La Tengo Spec Bebop; Stockholm Syndrome Nurse With Wound Spiral Insana Big Black Steelworker Blind Idiot God Stravinky/Blasting Off; Shifting Sand; Tired Blood Tortoise Ten Day Interval Robert Wyatt Tha Caravan Of Brothers Jim Residents The Festival Of Death Shipping News The March Song Pere Ubu The Modern Dance; Sentimental Journey; Real World; Non Alignment Pact; Humour Me Roy Montgomery The Passage Of Forms; She Waits On Temple IV Shipping News The Photoelectric Effect; A True Lovers Knot Penguin's Cafè Orchestra The Sound Of Someone You Love Who's Going Away And It Doesn't Matter; Chartered FlIght Glenn Branca The Spectacular Commodity; Lightfield In Consonance David Grubbs The Thicket; Orange Disaster; Swami Vivekanda Way Peter Jefferies Thief With The Silver; Tarantella; The Standing Stone Mission Of Burma Trem Two; Einstein's Day Chuck Vrtacek Tumbling; Picture In A Empty Flame Kevin Ayers Underwater; Pisser Dans Un Violon Windsor For The Derby Untitled 1 Low Violence Squirrel Bait Virgil's Return Tsunami Water's Edge; Genius Of Crack Ganger What Happened To The King Happened To Me; Capo (South Of Capan) Velvet Underground White Light/White Heat 13th Floor Elevators You Gonna Miss Me; Rollercoaster Charlatans You're Not Very Well; The Only One I Know; Opportunity Captain Beefheart Zig Zag Wanderer; Abba Zaba; Call On Me; Dropout Boogie -